Grades 6-8

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    Novels:  Novels are an important part of the ELA curriculum for students in grades 6-8.  Each novel has been carefully selected and aligned to the New Jersey Student Learning Standards. Among novels, a variety of supplemental materials and internet based resources are also used to drive instruction in the classroom to ensure mastery of the literacy skills being taught.

    All  students in grades 6-8 within the district will be provided with a username and password for access to the website NewsELA.  NewsELA is an innovative way for students to build reading and comprehension skills.  It contains nonfiction articles that are updated daily on real-world events.

    The Parent Portal is a resource provided to parents throughout the district that allows parents to gain access to their child’s school information and keep up with daily activities.

    Please refer back to the Bayonne Board of Education home page website for access to resources and information for the district as well as the Elementary Schools and classroom direct websites.



                    Below you will find an online link library with websites and resources for students to practice and strengthen their reading, writing, and literacy skills.