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    At Bayonne High School, all students will read a variety of interesting and challenging texts. Our curriculum is novel based, exposing students to both classic and modern literature, fiction and nonfiction, from a variety of time periods and cultures. Our teachers also supplement reading with informational and argumentative texts.  

    All students in grades 9-12 will be provided with a username and password for access to the website NewsELA.  NewsELA is an innovative way for students to build reading and comprehension skills.  It contains nonfiction articles that are updated daily on real-world events.

    Google Classroom is a valuable online classroom resource that most English teachers incorporate.

    The Parent Portal is a resource provided to parents throughout the district that allows parents to gain access to their child’s school information and grades for each individual class. 

    Please refer back to the Bayonne Board of Education home page website for access to resources and information for Bayonne High School as well as the classroom teachers' individual websites and email addresses. Guidance counselor contact information is also available. 

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    Below you will find an online link library with websites and resources for Bayonne High School students. These websites offer resources to find help with research, formatting essays and other frequently assigned tasks. In addition, there are sites that offer ideas for strengthening reading comprehension, analysis, writing, vocabulary enhancement and other literacy skills. Click the title to be taken to the site!

  • Khan Academy

    Khan Academy

    Khan Academy offers free courses and quizzes for a variety of subjects. Of specific relevance to the English Department are Khan Academy's Grammar and SAT Preparation courses. Students will love the modern organization, informative yet concise format, and its interactive and responsive features. Parents will also enjoy the resources specifically created for them as well.

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  • Purdue Online Writing Lab

    Purdue Online Writing Lab

    Purdue University maintains a well-known and trusted website for their writing labs, which they graciously make available to the public. This website is the one most BHS teachers use for up to date information on MLA formatting, as well as other writing tips. This is a great resource for students seeking to improve the basics at the high school level.

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  • Harvard Writing Center

    Harvard Writing Center

    This is a good place for more advanced writing tips. If you are already a great writer, but seeking to level up- it is for you!

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  • What is the Difference Between Summary and Analysis?

    What is the Difference Between Summary and Analysis?

    Many students struggle to understand the difference between these two. Teachers of BHS want to encourage students to think more deeply and go beyond a simple summary. This is a great basic list of differences.

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  • Steps to Creating an Effective Thesis Statement

    Steps to Creating an Effective Thesis Statement

    Without one, you do not have a solid essay. A thesis statement is so important, you need to get it right. This article is from Harvard's Writing Center. It shows you how to create a thesis step by step and explains why it is such an important part of your essay.

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