• Art Club


    Bayonne High School Visual Arts Department

    We offer a wide variety of unique classes

    Art 1 (Foundations of art)

    Art 2 (Focus on drawing)

    Art 3 (Painting and Drawing) 

    Art 4 (Portfolio preparation)

    Photo 1 (digital basics and lighting)

    Photo 2 (Dark room and computer editing)

    Photo 3 (advanced phoography)

    Graphics 1 (basics of photoshop)

    Graphics 2 (photoshop and illustrator)

    Graphics 3 (illustrator and tinkercad 3d modeling)



    Congratulations Winners from Bayonne High School

    for Participating in Fire Prevention

    Division 4

    1st Place Mariem Taolba

    2nd Place Natasha Zulkarnain

    3rd Place Joseph Bello

    Digital Imaging

    1st Place Catherine Castellon

    2nd Place Dylan Tansey

    3rd Place Krysten Capulong

    With Special Thanks to Miss Drogin


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    Miss Drogin would like to thank the Donors Choose for help funding the

    BHS Visual Arts Department with over $600.

    She would also like to thank her family for supporting her students and helping out.

    Thank you!