• Students with Disabilities: Adapted PE

    New Jersey State law addresses making PE inclusive, including adapted PE or accommodations when necessary. It requires students with disabilities to have Physical Education (PE) as part of their education. While some students can partake in a general education PE class, others may need to receive PE in a modified setting. In Adapted Physical Education (APE), PE teachers change activities, games, and sports so that all students can take part safely.


    Unified PE

    Unified Physical Education provides a unique opportunity for students with and without disabilities to come together through ongoing educational and physical activities. The Unified Physical Education course is structured around the National Physical Education Standards and grade-level outcomes, which include gaining the knowledge and skills necessary to maintain a health-enhancing level of fitness. Additionally, the class supports the development of leadership skills for all students, and the empowerment of ALL students to foster an inclusive class and school-wide environment. Unified Physical Education courses can be a gateway for further participation in Special Olympics Programs and events. This program has been a great success. 

    The general education students who have participated in this program have found it not only rewarding but they have built relationships and friendships with the students they work with along the way.

      Unified PE is an elective course that is available to students in grades 10-12.