BHS Elective System Course Description, Rules & Expectations

  • The Physical Education elective system is open to students in grades 10-12.  Selection of classes is based upon class standing; seniors first, juniors second, and sophomores third.  Our elective system offers a variety of lifelong activities and fitness development. 
    • Rules and Expectations:


      • BE ON TIME FOR CLASS - All students have 4 minutes to change classes and are expected to arrive by the second bell.  All students late to class must present a note or pass.
      • An unexcused absence will be considered a cut and written up.
      • Proper attire must be worn.  Sneakers are the required footwear for all classes except Ice Skating.  Uggs, Crocs and boots are unacceptable.
      • Cell phones and electronic devices are not permitted.
      • Students must actively participate for the entire class period.
      • Students must have prior approval by the Physical Education teacher to be excused from class.


      Ice Skating

      This elective combines recreational ice skating and hockey games.  All students are expected to be active for the duration of the period.  Skates are available for use. However, students may bring their own.  Ice Skating has many health benefits, including better balance, improved joint flexibility, increased muscular strength and growth, cardio endurance, weight management, stress relief, and mental fitness.


      Weight Room/Strength Training

      This elective emphasizes strength training through a rigorous weight-training program. Each student will be expected to set and achieve goals commensurate with their ability.  When properly performed, strength training and conditioning can provide significant functional benefits and improvement in overall health and well-being. As the student gains strength, the joints and muscles work more efficiently together to increase functionality all around including balance, flexibility, stamina, and injury prevention. The essential skills and knowledge gained from this program will continue to support the student's effort to improve athletic ability and maintain a lifelong healthy lifestyle.



      This course provides the student with the opportunity to learn and develop the basic rules and skills of volleyball techniques necessary for understanding and playing volleyball. Instruction will include serving, passing, setting, attacking, and blocking, as well as the rules and scoring.  In addition, warm-up activities including cardio endurance and stretching are included. Basic nutrition topics are discussed. The skills taught in this course can be applied to lifelong activities such as recreational and beach volleyball.  Sneakers are required.



      This elective is designed to assist students in the development of fundamental skills necessary for effective involvement in playing the game of basketball.  Advanced games are also offered.  Sneakers are required.


      Table Tennis

      This elective is focused on the development of fundamental table tennis skills, basic tactics, simple strategies, etiquette, rules, and their application of single and double games. Table tennis is a lifelong activity which is the main focus of this department.  Sneakers are required.


      Ultimate Games

      Ultimate Games will offer students a variety of new and old activities, including badminton, pickleball, tennis, table tennis, scooter games, biking as well as many other creative games.  Sneakers are required.


      Wellness Room/Personal Fitness

      This course combines cardiorespiratory activities, weight training, and flexibility exercises to help educate students on the importance of fitness as a lifetime activity.  The course focus is based on physical fitness as outlined through individual goals set by each student. Basic nutrition is discussed. Class assessments will be based on individual progress resulting from set goals and participation levels. All students must wear sneakers to receive credit for the day. Cell phones are not permitted.


      Unified PE

      Unified PE is an inclusive setting that integrates general education students and students from the Adapted PE program.  This is a unique opportunity that allows students of all abilities to participate together to enhance their physical, intellectual, and social experiences in a physical education setting.